About The University of Arizona Press


The University of Arizona Press, founded in 1959 as a department of the University of Arizona, is a nonprofit publisher of scholarly and regional books. As a delegate of the University of Arizona to the larger world, the Press publishes the work of scholars wherever they may be, concentrating upon scholarship that reflects the special strengths of the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and Northern Arizona University.

The University of Arizona Press publishes about fifty-five books annually and has some 1,000 books in print. These include scholarly titles in world and regional anthropology and archaeology, astronomy and space sciences, western and environmental history, ecology and environmental studies, geography, Latin American studies, Native American studies and literature, Latina/o studies and literature, environmental literature, and Southwest studies.

The UA Press invites inquiries from the authors of work--whether scholarly books or works of general interest--appropriate to its list. (To get a sense of the list of the Press, authors may write for a free copy of the current catalog.)

The author should write a letter of inquiry describing the subject of the book, the approach taken, the length of the manuscript, and the author's qualifications for undertaking the work. With the letter of inquiry, the author should enclose an outline or table of contents of the work, an abstract, a sample chapter, and a current curriculum vitae or résumé.

If an inquiry seems to offer a manuscript appropriate for publication by the Press, its submission is invited. A member of the Press staff gives the manuscript a preliminary reading and, if the reading is favorable, the manuscript is sent for evaluation to one or more specialists in the field. To help find the proper referee, the author may be asked to provide a list of appropriate readers. To encourage impartiality, readers are not obtained from the author's campus or alma mater.

Editorial evaluation and refereeing of the manuscript usually require about three months' time. With readers' reports in hand, an editorial committee of scholars then makes a publication decision. The committee, by judging the merit of each manuscript case by case, helps to establish the editorial policy of the UA Press.

A contract is arranged between the Press and the author upon acceptance of a manuscript; royalty agreements vary with each book, its cost, and its estimated market. Usually publication is planned for about one year from the time the manuscript is judged ready for copyediting. For reasons of timeliness and economy, more UA Press books each year are printed from word-processor discs prepared by the author.

Please direct inquiries to:

Kathryn Conrad

University of Arizona Press
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