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Holocene Depositional History and Anasazi Occupation in McElmo Canyon, Southwestern Colorado
By Eric R. Force; Wayne K. Howell
Arizona State Museum
42 pp. / 8.50 in x 11.00 in / 1996
Paper (978-1-8897-4753-8) [s]
  - ASM Archaeological Series

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Explores the relationship between changes in valley-bottom Holocene deposits and Anasazi use and occupation of these deposits. The authors analyze fluvial deposits, including channel, floodplain, and tributary alluvial fans, to determine when they were aggrading or degrading; the rate of change, and Anasazi responses to these changes. Their findings suggest that extensive studies of prehistoric pueblo agriculture can help refine responses to localized environment changes, providing details to the broad patterns of paleoenvironment that have been developed over the past twenty years.

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