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The Sierra Pinacate
By Julian D. Hayden
96 pp. / 8.50 in x 11.00 in / 1998
Cloth (978-0-8165-1777-0)
  - Southwest Center Series

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  - Nature and Environment
  - Archaeology

South of the border, a spectacular range of ancient volcanoes rises from the desert floor just a few miles from the Sea of Cortez. Virtually untraveled, the Sierra Pinacate in northwestern Mexico
Explore a hidden part of Mexico known for geologic and archaeological wonders.

—The Bookwatch

To those who knew him, Julian Hayden was the Southwest. Readers will learn why in this handsomely packaged publication in English and Spanish. It is Hayden's account of his 40-year love affair with the mesmerizing landscape of the Sierra Pinacate mountains of northern Sonora. Whether explaining his controversial theory of desert varnish or recounting the legends that cling to this region, Hayden—who died while this book was in publication—bids farewell even as he introduces newcomers to a land that for him was a source of endless fascination.

—Bruce Dinges, Arizona Daily Star

A guided tour through millions of years of unique geology, climate, plant and animal life. . . . Throughout the book are the stunning photographs of Jack Dykinga, each a work of art involving hours of exhaustion for one split second of beauty.

—Journal of Arizona History

beckons adventurers and scientists. Here, in words and pictures, is a remarkable introduction to this place of almost surreal beauty. Sometimes veiled in clouds or dust storms, the Pinacate have long been shrouded in mystery as well. From prehistoric times until today, people of Sonora have told tales of giants, men and animals, bottomless pits, endless tunnels, hostile Indians, smoking caverns, and ever-present dangers found in the Pinacate. This book takes readers deep into the heart of this fascinating area. Julian Hayden, who worked and traveled in the Pinacate for four decades, introduces the natural history, archaeology, geology, and human history of the area. Spectacular color photographs by Jack Dykinga capture the magic and the isolation of this stunning region. Hayden's text is presented in both English and Spanish. The Mexican government has already declared the Pinacate an officially protected biosphere reserve; still pending is its inclusion in the Man and the Biosphere program of the United Nations. More than a natural history, The Sierra Pinacate is an elegant appreciation of a place of wonder.

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