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Early Farmers of the Sonoran Desert
Archaeological Investigations at the Houghton Road Site, Tucson, Arizona
By Richard Ciolek-Torrello
Statistical Research, Inc.
344 pp. / 8.50 in x 11.00 in / 1998
Paper (978-1-8794-4269-6) [s]
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The early farmers of the Sonoran Desert are the subject of this timely volume. Their story is told through archaeological evidence gained at the Houghton Road site, located in the eastern Tucson Basin of southern Arizona. The unusual architecture, material culture, mortuary practices, and subsistence remains are used to explore the poorly known Early Formative period. The lifeways of this time represent a transition between the preceding Late Archaic period and the later ceramic period cultures of southern Arizona. Data collected at the Houghton Road site indicate an indigenous farming culture that was fundamentally distinct from the later and better known Hohokam culture that has dominated archaeological thought about the desert Southwest.

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