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Living on the Edge of the Rim
Excavations and Analysis of the Silver Creek Archaeological Research Project, 1993-1998
By Barbara J. Mills; Sarah A. Herr; Scott Van Keuren
Arizona State Museum
600 pp. / 8.50 in x 11.00 in / 2001
Paper (978-1-8897-4770-5) [s]
  - ASM Archaeological Series

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  - Archaeology

This two-volume set describes the first five years of the Silver Creek Archaeological Research Project, the University of Arizona's archaeological field school located just north of the Mogollon Rim in east-central Arizona. The 15 chapters describe the primary analyses and syntheses of research at 13th-14th century Bailey Ruin, 13th century Pottery Hill, and three 12th century great kiva sites: Hough's Great Kiva, Cothrun's Kiva, and AZ P:16:160 ASM. The volumes place the modern research in the context of past studies in the area and show how the area relates to the surrounding region in time and space. Detailed descriptions of past and present environment, architecture of the five sites, chronology, areal survey, and specialist analyses on lithics, ceramics, groundstone, animal remains, plant remains, and shell are included. These enable the authors to evaluate the research domains of chronological refinement; paleoenvironment and subsistence reconstruction; migration, demography, and settlement reorganization; the evolution of integrative architecture; and economic reorganization.

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