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Understanding the Arizona Constitution
By Toni McClory
212 pp. / 6.00 in x 9.00 in / 2000
Cloth (978-0-8165-2094-7) [s]
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  - Political Science

An authoritative guide to Arizona government— written in plain language!
How do laws make their way through the state legislature?
What are the specific powers of the governor?
Tucson-Pima Public Library 'Southwest Book of the Year' for 2001

More than just a citizen handbook or a college text—although it is both—McClory's thoughtful book highlights the features that make Arizona government unique, while clearly presenting the pros and cons of controversial aspects of our lawmaking and governing process. Marketed as 'an authoritative guide to Arizona government—written in plain language,' this fascinating book lives up to its billing. Every Arizonan should read it, and keep it handy for future reference.

—Journal of Arizona History

do the courts make public policy?
Can citizens change the constitution? A leading lawyer and college educator who was an assistant attorney general through six governors, Toni McClory has written a definitive guide to Arizona government that is as comprehensive as it is easy to understand. It provides a thorough explanation of the state's constitution and shows the impact that its unique features have had on the everyday operation of the state's political system. Thoroughly up to date and clearly written, this book belongs on every Arizonan's shelf. Much of the information it contains is based on original research compiled by the author from primary sources and draws on her direct experience with government processes, officials, and events. - For concerned citizens, it offers topics of special interest to voters—including facts about initiatives and referenda and a chapter on local government—and contains references to online government resources.
- For lawyers and business people, it makes available a brief yet sophisticated synopsis of state government along with a wealth of citations and supporting detail.
- For students and teachers, it offers an exceptionally readable introductory text that relies heavily on primary sources and features "pro and con" passages-examining both sides of important issues-that are designed to stimulate critical thinking. From administrative rules to water law, Understanding the Arizona Constitution is your complete guide to the inner workings of the state. It is an essential reference for today's citizens and tomorrow's leaders.

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