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Work Done Right
By David Dominguez
66 pp. / 6.12 in x 9.00 in / 2003
Paper (978-0-8165-2266-8)
  - Camino del Sol

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  - Poetry

My red pickup choked on burnt oil as I drove down Highway 99. . . .
Abraham Tovar is a young man who works in a sausage factory and desperately longs to create a history of his own. As
The startling imagery of 'the unyielding memory of pig' juxtaposed with Dominguez's perceptive insights on humanity create a moving tale of loss and redemption worth multiple readings.

—El Paso Times

There is strong storytelling here within the poetry, with characters that are hard to forget and even gripping plot twists. Highly recommended.

—Reforma Newsletter

Abraham's life becomes absorbed into the blood and spice of pork, his thoughts explore his ancestry, roam the stars, and reflect upon the despairs and strengths of factory workers who live with "the unyielding memory of pig."

I pulled into Galdini Sausage at noon.
The workers walked out of production
and swatted away the flies desperate for pork.
Pork gripped the men and was everywhere,
in the form of blood, in the form of fat,
and in pink meat that stuck to the workers' shoes.

Work Done Right is a sequence of narrative poems, told with a lyricist's tenderness and an eye for detail, that address the human condition in unexpected ways. David Dominguez explores Abraham's struggle to maintain personal dignity in harsh circumstances, juxtaposing bleak images of the sausage factory with the hope of finding one's true place in the world. Through his sensuously textured words, he pays tribute to people and place as he takes readers on a mystic journey toward redemption.

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