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Ranching, Rails, and Clay
The Development and Demise of the Town of Rincon/Prado
By Matthew A. Sterner
Statistical Research, Inc.
231 pp. / 8.50 in x 11.00 in / 2005
Paper (978-1-8794-4285-6) [s]
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  - Archaeology

This volume is an archaeological study of the Mexican immigrants who moved to Prado, California, and created a pottery-making community in the rural town. The study examines everything from the artifacts they left behind to the stories conveyed through their adult children and reveals a vivid glimpse into immigrant life in early twentieth-century southern California. The Prado potters personified the entrepreneurial spirit, successfully establishing a pottery-making community that attracted attention locally and regionally. In addition to examining the archaeology of pottery manufacturing, this volume delves into the historical and sociological aspects of the families who put this community on the local map.

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