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Pollen and Micro-Invertebrates from Modern Earthen Canals and other Fluvial Environments along the Middle Gila River
Implications for Archaeological Interpretation
By Karen R. Adams; Susan J. Smith; Manuel Palacios-Fest
Gila River Indian Community
76 pp. / 8.50 in x 11.00 in / 2012
Paper (978-0-9723-3470-9) [s]
  - GRIC Anthropological Research Papers

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This volume respresents the first in a series of research papers dedicated to the study and elucidation of the prehistoric an historic peoples who inhabited the middle Gila River valley. This inaugural paper presents environmental studies of modern earthen irrigation canals initially constructed in the 1930s and considers their applicability for understanding prehistoric Hohokam and historical Akimel O'odham canal systems occupying the same landscape.

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