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A New Plateau
Sustaining the Lands and Peoples of Canyon Country
By Peter Friederici; Rose Houk
Center for Sustainable Environments
159 pp. / 9.25 in x 9.25 in / 2006
Cloth (978-0-9713-3915-6) [s]
Paper (978-0-9713-3916-3) [s]
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For at least ten thousand years, until the arrival of railroads in the 1880s, the people of the Colorado Plateau—Canyon Country—primarily derived their sustenance from the natural
At a time when problems seem so
overwhelming, it's deeply inspiring to
see that their solutions lie not in huge
grants and corporate works but in the
hands of individuals who are focused
deeply on their own life's work, be it
farming, cooking, weaving, building, or
wildcrafting. A New Plateau shows
how, piece by piece and person by
person, sustainability is ultimately
expressed and obtained.

—Deborah Madison, author of Local Flavors: Cooking and Eating from America's Farmers' Markets

resources of the land they inhabited. People today find themselves in a vastly different situation. Now almost everything we eat, wear, and use comes from other places. This book chronicles the achievements of an inspired group of Canyon Country people who are countering this trend by asserting a new kind of citizenship—a citizenship that extends beyond the political realm to root itself in deep respect for, and reliance on, the nature of the region. They are tucked back in canyons, hidden on mesa tops, and set in cities and tiny towns alike—some of the world's most interesting experiments in using wind and solar energy, harvesting food sustainably, building to fit a desert climate, and using the renewable by-products of forest restoration to meet human needs. This book, for the first time, tells the stories of the innovators and culture-bearers who are ensuring that diverse human communities can continue to live in harmony with the Southwest's stunning natural and cultural landscapes.

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