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Agua Santa / Holy Water
By Pat Mora
144 pp. / 5.00 in x 7.75 in / 2007
Paper (978-0-8165-2663-5)
  - Camino del Sol

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  - Poetry

Drawing on oral and lyrical traditions, this book honors the grace and spirit of mothers, daughters, lovers, and goddesses. From a tribute to Frida Kahlo to advice from an Aztec goddess, the poems
Ms. Mora's poems are proudly bilingual, an eloquent answer to purists who refuse to see language as something that lives and changes.

—The New York Times Book Review

All five senses are put to work here as Pat Mora leads us briskly through a garden of earhtly delights.

-Rocky Mountain News

explore the intimate and sacred spaces of borderlands through many voices: a revolutionary, a domestic worker, a widow.

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