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Anatomy of the Grand Canyon
Panoramas of the Canyon's Geology
By W. Kenneth Hamblin
Grand Canyon Association
144 pp. / 10.00 in x 11.00 in / 2008
Cloth (978-1-9346-5601-3)
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  - Nature and Environment
  - Earth and Space Sciences

The experience of seeing the Grand Canyon is difficult to describe but impossible to forget. Some people are content to see the massive chasm from a viewpoint along the rim; others want to see it from end to end and understand the natural processes that shaped this one-of-a-kind spectacle. It is for the latter that this book has been prepared.

Anatomy of the Grand Canyon is not a geology textbook encumbered with language unintelligible to the average reader. Rather, it is a visual tour from the canyon's rims, the Colorado River, and the air; from the beginning of the Grand Canyon at Lees Ferry, to its conclusion 277 miles downstream at the Grand Wash Cliffs. Though the panoramic photographs are magnificent, their higher purpose is to show important geologic information. Supported by text, diagrams, and maps that are easy to understand, these photographs tell an amazing story.

Author-photographer W. Kenneth Hamblin has packed a lifetime of geologic study into a volume that is at once inspiring and instructive, and has given the reader access to the Grand Canyon's most intriguing secrets. For them, the thrill of discovery awaits.

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