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Advanced Turkish
By Jessica Tiregol
Critical Languages Program
Multimedia Format / 2011
DVD-ROM (978-1-9299-8613-2)
  - Critical Languages Series

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The Advanced Turkish DVD-ROM is the equivalent of a textbook and workbook, with audio and video. It can be used either by independent learners or by students in a traditional or self-instructional
Advanced Turkish has a lot to offer for advanced level learners of Turkish...[it] has the potential to provide English-speaking learners of Turkish with a
variety of exercises on complex grammatical structures of the language and with the opportunity to improve vocabulary and listening skills.

— CALICO Review, Mehmet Sahin, Izmir University of Economics

classroom setting, and is equivalent to a one-year college course.

Explore topics such as art, food, contemporary media, legal issues, travel, soccer, horoscopes, folk tales, and music through scripted dialogs and unscripted discussions between native speakers.

This classroom tested DVD-ROM contains 19 video clips and over 5,000 audio recordings made with native speakers. With the click of a button hear native speakers pronounce words or sentences and translations. Exercises include: Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-Blank, Audio Flashcards, Pronunciation, and Listening Dictation-so you can test and improve your knowledge of each lesson. Learners with microphone-equipped computers can record and play back their own voices, then compare their pronunciation with that of the native speaker. The many activities accommodate a wide range of learning styles and preferences.

Works on Windows Vista, 7, and 8
For more information, visit the Critical Languages Series website.

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