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Hashknife Cowboy
Recollections of Mack Hughes
By Stella Hughes
234 pp. / 6.00 in x 9.00 in / 1989
Paper (978-0-8165-1118-1)
Related Interest
  - Western Americana / Regional Interest

"Age and size ain't got nothin' to do with it," Mack's daddy once said. "You gotta want to be a cowboy." Mack Hughes wanted to be a cowboy, all right, and he was just twelve
Winner of the Western Writers of America's Spur Award

A real chunk of the old west.

—Western Horseman

Episodes in the cowhand's day that you won't find noted in other sources.

—Tombstone Epitaph

Through these pages sparkles a joy of life and living that engrosses the reader and never palls.

—Branding Iron

years old when he went to work for the famous Hashknife spread in northern Arizona. Growing up on the range, Mack lived a life about which modern boys can only wonder. He spins yarns of bad horses and the men who rode them, tells of wild dogs that ravaged young calves, and recalls lonely winter weeks spent at a remote camp-where his home was a shack so flimsy that snow blew through the cracks and covered his bed. Stella Hughes, author of the best-selling Chuck Wagon Cookin' and a cowhand in her own right, has compiled from her husband's reminiscences an authentic look both at Arizona history and at cowboying as it really was. Illustrated by Joe Beeler, founding member of the Cowboy Artists of America.

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