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Burnt Corn Pueblo
Conflict and Conflagration in the Galisteo Basin, A.D. 1250–1325
Edited by James E. Snead; Mark W. Allen
160 pp. / 8.50 in x 11.00 in / 2010
Paper (978-0-8165-2949-0) [s]
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The Galisteo Basin of northern New Mexico has been a staple of archaeological research since it was first studied almost a century ago. This first book on the area since 1914 lays out an overview of the area, with research provided by the Tano Origins Project and funded by the National Science Foundation.

This volume covers the region's history (including the Burnt Corn Pueblo, Petroglyph Hill, and Lodestar sites) during the Coalition Period (AD 1200-1300). Including chapters on architecture, ceramics, tree-ring samples, groundstone, and rock art, the book also addresses the stress that development has placed on the future of research in the area.

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