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The Hohokam–Akimel O'odham Continuum
Sociocultural Dynamics and Projectile Point Design in the Phoenix Basin, Arizona
By Chris Loendorf
186 pp. / 8.50 x 11.00 / 2012
Paper (978-0-9723-3475-4) [s]
  - GRIC Anthropological Research Papers

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  - Archaeology

This new volume in the Gila River Indian Community Anthropological Research Papers series by Chris Loendorf of the GRIC Cultural Resource Management Program builds upon a previous publication in the series that described the more than 1,000 projectile points that were recovered during a survey of the community. This study employs flaked-stone data to address a wide range of archaeological research issues including settlement patterns, warfare, subsistence practices, and socioeconomic interactions during the Hohokam Classic period (ca. AD 1150–1500) and Akimel O'odham Historic period (ca. AD 1500–1900). Multiple lines of evidence for continuity between the Pre-Historic and Historic periods are presented in this book. The research supports the contention that the Akimel O'odham are the direct cultural descendants of the Hohokam inhabitants of much of Pre-Historic southern Arizona.

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