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Mexican Americans and Health
¡Sana! ¡Sana!
By Adela de la Torre; Antonio Estrada
248 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / 2015
Paper (978-0-8165-3157-8) [s]
  - The Mexican American Experience

Related Interest
  - Latina and Latino Studies

Given recent developments in health care and policy and a steadily increasing population of people of Mexican origin in the United States, a comprehensive look at Mexican American health has never
Mexican Americans and Health, 2nd Edition provides a unique and focused review of the current health status and to the future of the Southwest's largest ethnic minority populations and communities with respect to health.

—Dr. Alberto G. Mata Jr., author of Dangerous Relationships: Effects of Early Violence in Women's Lives on the Border

Drawing on interviews with Mexican Americans from various age groups and socioeconomic levels, the authors examine this population's experiences with health care.The text is ably designed to help students focus on the issues.

—Library Journal

This represents a critical aspect for improving the health status of Mexican Americans in the twenty-first century.

—American Quarterly

been more necessary. Adela de la Torre and Antonio Estrada first accomplished such an overview with Mexican Americans and Health in 2001, and they have since continued to revise and expand their initial work. With a multitude of additions and renovations, Mexican Americans and Health, 2nd Edition provides a timely and accessible description of current topics in Latino health.

De la Torre and Estrada once again present a broad and nuanced understanding of recent issues involving Mexican American health and well-being, this time with the addition of discussions on:

* the new U.S. Human Development Index to contextualize the health, education, and income status of Mexican Americans relative to other population groups,
* emerging diseases, such as diabetes and obesity,
* recent health-care reforms under the Obama administration,
* substance abuse, sexual risk, and psychological distress among HIV-positive individuals in the gay/bisexual community,
* and predictions of future trends for the next decade.

This new volume has been updated throughout to reflect the many developments in health care since its first edition. Mexican Americans and Health, 2nd Edition continues to present data on a large number of health issues that are important and relevant to the Mexican American population, while describing the social contexts in which they are occurring. Its comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach brings originality and focus to a dynamic literature.

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