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Projectile Point Typology
Gila River Indian Community, Arizona
By Chris Loendorf; Glen E. Rice
149 pp. / 8.50 x 11.00 / 2015
Paper (978-0-9723-3471-6) [s]
  - GRIC Anthropological Research Papers

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This book by Loendorf and Rice of the Gila River Indian Community's Cultural Resource Management Program reports on the nearly 1,000 projectile points or point preforms that were collected by archaeological survey crews during inventory of more than 146,000 acres of the reservation. This work is focused on the set of definitions for a classification system that is primarily intended to separate the points into temporally sensitive categories. The volume includes detailed metric data and photographs of the every point in the collection so that other researchers interested in prehistoric and historic lithic technology can build upon the typological classification system that is developed. More detailed metric and attribute based analyses of the projectile points are available in a subsequent publication in this series, entitled “The Hohokam–Akimel O'odham Continuum: Sociocultural Dynamics and Projectile Point Design in the Phoenix Basin, Arizona”.

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