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The Mollusks of the Arid Southwest
With an Arizona Check List
By Joseph C. Bequaert; Walter B. Miller
272 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / 1973
Paper (978-0-8165-3516-3) [s]
  - Century Collection

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A wealth of firsthand information combined with major sources provides an understanding of desert zoogeography and evolution.

Part I, Zoogeography of Southwestern Nearctic
To date, this is the most complete coverage of the mollusks of Arizona and the adjacent areas of the arid Southwest. Many hundreds of new detailed localities are recorded for the 154 native species reported from Arizona, based mainly on the extensive collecting activities of the two authors and their colleague, Richard H. Russell.

—The Quarterly Review of Biology

Integrates and evaluates information of interest to students of variation, evolution, zoogeography, and ecology of the fauna of the arid Southwest.

Part II, Annotated Check List of Recent Arizona Mollusks:
Treatment of 173 valid species and 46 recognized subspecies gives nomenclature, type localities, distribution in Arizona, occurrence elsewhere in the Southwestern Molluscan Province, general Recent distribution, presence or absence in Late Cenozoic deposits, and synonymy.

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