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Excavations at Snaketown
Material Culture
By Harold S. Gladwin; Emil W. Haury; E. B. Sayles; Nora Gladwin
272 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / 1965
Paper (978-0-8165-3522-4) [s]
  - Century Collection

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  - Archaeology

"[Gladwin] accomplished, from the 1920's on, a series of fundamentally important studies of the prehistoric cultures of the region from Texas to California. None of these surveys or excavations was
The presentation of the material . . . is masterly, and all that is humanly possible in rendering archaeological information intelligible has been carried out. . . . The Snaketown report is a significant and important contribution to American archaeology. It will rank as an outstanding product of an enlightened archaeological technique, employed by an intelligent and seeking mind.

—American Anthropologist

I am grateful for this capable, painstaking, and well-organized report. It is tops; it is exciting; it is far above most other footling, sterile archaeological publications; and it is fearless.

—Paul S. Martin, Field Museum of Natural History, for American Antiquity

more important than the excavation of Snaketown, in the southern Arizona desert. It provided a wealth of details for a major prehistoric culture, the Hohokam, which previously had been scarcely recognized. It dislodged many long-held dogmas of Southwestern archaeology and provided the basis for a major reorientation in thinking about the nature of the prehistoric occupations of Arizona and adjacent states. . . . [This volume] has remained indispensable for its detailed reporting of house remains, ball courts, canals, cremations, pottery, carved stone, and other artifacts."—Science

"The reprint will come as a blessing to many archaeologists who have sought in vain to obtain a copy of the original volume. It now stands as a body of data easily accessible to all workers, and we look forward to a new phase of synthesis of Hohokam archaeology."—American Antiquity

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