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The Politics of Water in Arizona
By Dean E. Mann
272 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / 1963
Paper (978-0-8165-3531-6) [s]
  - Century Collection

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"Mann's book is timely, and its central theme, the role of legal, political, and scientific institutions in the utilization of water in Arizona, is appropriate. It is appropriate, moreover, for the
An extremely informative and highly commendable venture. . . . The author conveys to the reader a considerable insight into these complicated matters but nevertheless leaves him with a feeling that this is an objective analysis which attempts to present various points of view in as fair a light as possible. This book is highly recommended to all persons interested in water problems, both administrative personnel and scientific hydrologists, as well as to community groups interested in the use and development of resources.


An interesting and timely book that should be required reading for every Arizonan. . . On the whole [Mann's] views come across clearly. Arizonans would do well to heed them.

—Pacific Historical Review

Scholars and interested laymen will benefit equally from this definitive addition to the growing field of water-management studies. . . . Planning is the key to the future development of Arizona and the author treads his way ably through a maze of haphazard planning, agency rivalries, wasteful management, ground and surface water laws. . . . With everybody trying to get into the act, it is not surprising, as Dr. Mann points out, that politics in a water-short state are a mixture of science, emotion, economics, and aesthetics.

—Southwestern Social Science Quarterly

This book ought to be in the library of every Arizonan interested in the future of his state.

—Arizona and the West

greater region of California and the Southwest, where exist similar problems. . . . The Politics of Water in Arizona ranks along with Richard Cooley's prize winning Politics and Conservation: The Decline of the Alaska Salmon as an outstanding contribution of a political science to the field of conservation and resource utilization."—California Historical Society Quarterly

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