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A Description of the Province
By Ignaz Pfefferkorn; Foreword by Bernard L. Fontana; Translated by Theodore E. Treutlein
348 pp. / 5.50 x 8.50 / 1990
Paper (978-0-8165-3538-5) [s]
  - Century Collection

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  - Latin American Studies

This multifaceted description of Sonora was written by an eighteenth-century Jesuit missionary to the Pima, Opata, and Eudeve Indians.

"The bloodsucking bat, construction of bows and arrows,
An important source of description of Spanish colonial Sonoran life and society.

—Journal of the Southwest

Good reading. . . . Its prose is delightful, filled with humor and honesty.

—Southwestern Mission Research Center Newsletter


—Books of the Southwest

Piety and practicality, faith and empiricism, come together in harmony in these pages.

—Hispanic American Historical Review

the punishment for adultery among the Apaches... all was grist that dropped into the industrious mill of Father Pfefferkorn's eyes, ears, and brain."—Saturday Review

"To be read for enjoyment; nevertheless, the historian will find in it a wealth of information that has been shrewdly appraised, carefully sifted, and creditably related."—Catholic Historical Review

"Of interest not only to the historian but to the geographer and anthropologist."—Pacific Historical Review

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