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The Ecology of Desert Communities
Edited by Gary A. Polis
456 pp. / 6.00 x 9.00 / 1991
Paper (978-0-8165-3539-2) [s]
  - Century Collection

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  - Nature and Environment

"Provides interesting and thought-provoking reading and is highly recommended to anyone interested in desert ecosystems or community ecology. The book . . . should serve as an inspiration to many for future research."—Journal of Biogeography

"This book is not just about deserts; it is an update of the contributions that research in desert systems is making to community ecology. . . This book will provide a useful reference for desert ecologists, as well as indicate critical directions where progress needs to be made."—Ecology

"This important book fills a significant gap in previous syntheses by presenting a detailed series of reviews of current understanding of community patterns and structure in desert environments. . . . Each chapter is thorough and well written and . . . closes with a discussion of suggested future research. . . . [T]hese ideas will do much to focus interest on the importance of desert systems in understanding community. Thus, this book has interest well beyond desert ecologists alone."—BioScience

"Valuable reading and reference for ecology students, teachers and researchers."—Quarterly Review of Biology

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