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Women's Seclusion and Men's Honor
Sex Roles in North India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan
By David G. Mandelbaum
153 pp. / 6.00 in x 9.00 in / 1998
Paper (978-0-8165-1400-7) [s]
Related Interest
  - Women's Studies
  - Asian Studies
  - Anthropology

Hindus and Muslims of northern South Asia share the belief that women should seclude themselves from men and that men must supervise the conduct of women so that their behavior will not sully men's
A useful and compassionate overview of issues of immense social and political importance.

—Journal of Asian Studies

A broadly based, sensitive, and balanced analysis . . . a highly readable book.

—Contemporary Sociology

A recognized expert's clear explication of the intricate pattern of gender and other aspects of life across the region.

—International Journal of Comparative Sociology

What is truly remarkable . . . is Mandelbaum's ability in so few pages to synthesize a varied literature, to discern common elements in purdah-izzat practices and ideology while recognizing significant variation by socioeconomic status, region, and religion, and to propose explanations for these beliefs and practices that deserve careful consideration. Those interested in gender systems should find this work of great value.

—American Anthropologist

honor. While these practices are well known, until now no book has attempted to explain why they are so crucially important to so many people.

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