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United We Win
The Rise and Fall of La Raza Unida Party
By Ignacio M. García
288 pp. / 6.00 in x 9.00 in / 1989
Paper (978-0-9393-6301-8)
Related Interest
  - Latina and Latino Studies

Clearly, Ignacio M. Garcia has written a sympathetic history of the movement, critically describing conditions of the sixties and seventies and clarifying the outstanding issues and personalities in the Mexican American community of the Southwest. . . Garcia's passionate and insightful contribution cannot be overlooked as a source of factual information and analysis.—New Mexico Historical Review

"Garcia's history of La Raza Unida party is a labor of love."—Journal of the Southwest "This book is an insightful, intensive, and interesting report on the origin, development, and demise of the 'party of the united people.' . . . The author['s] most noteworthy contribution may well be in the richness of the details of the party's history and in providing these documented dates, figures, personalities, and events as no one else has or perhaps can." —Southwestern Historical Quarterly

"This book is must reading for students of the Chicano-Hispanic community, especially those living in the southwestern U.S. and in the larger cities throughout our country. For this piece of Chicano history is essential to understanding this most important section of our multi-cultural, multi-national U.S. working class." —People's Weekly World

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