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The Sand Canyon Archaeological Project
A Progress Report
By William D. Lipe
Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
145 pp. / 8.50 in x 11.00 in / 1992
Paper (978-0-9624-6401-0) [s]
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The Sand Canyon Project is a continuing interdisciplinary study of the Pueblo Indian occupation of southwestern Colorado, focusing on the period A.D. 1150-1300. Working in a field area approximately fifteen miles northwest of Mesa Verde National Park, project archaeologists are investigating two classic problems in Puebloan archaeology; the shift from dispersed upland settlement to large, canyon-oriented pueblos and the rapid abandonment of the northern San Juan area in the late A.D. 1200's. Survey results, intensive and test excavations at selected sites (including Sand Canyon Pueblo), a study of agricultural productivity during the late Pueblo period, and an oral history of twentieth-century homesteading are among the topics reported in this monograph.

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