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The Duckfoot Site, Vol 2
Archaeology of the House and Household
By Ricky R. Lightfoot
Crow Canyon Archaeological Center
171 pp. / 8.50 in x 11.00 in / 1995
Paper (978-0-9624-6405-8) [s]
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Publication of this book completes a two-volume report on research at the Duckfoot site. Volume 2 focuses on understanding prehistoric household organization as it is represented in the archaeological record. Drawing on data presented in Volume 1, Ricky R. Lightfoot tests a model of early Pueblo social organization in the northern Southwest. Lightfoot addresses the question of how the people of Duckfoot organized themselves into household groups. Together with the first volume, this work provides the reader with a comprehensive look at the results of this important research project, one of the largest and most successful partnerships between professional archaeologists and lay participants in educational programs. This innovative case study will be of interest not only to those who follow the most recent developments in southwestern archaeology but also to scholars everywhere who are interested in household organization.

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