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A Sense of Place
The Life and Work of Forrest Shreve
By Janice Emily Bowers
195 pp. / 6.00 in x 9.00 in / 1988
Cloth (978-0-8165-1072-6) [s]
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Forrest Shreve (1878-1950) was an internationally known plant ecologist who spent most of his career at the Carnegie Institution's Desert Laboratory in Tucson, Arizona. Shreve's contributions to the
This well-researched biography, while geared to specialists in the scientific study of desert plants, should be highly recommended.

—Western Historical Quarterly

Janet Bowers is to be congratulated on the preparation and production of an excellent biography of an excellent ecologist.


study of plant ecology laid the groundwork for modern studies and several of his works came to be regarded as classics by ecologists worldwide. This first full-length study of Shreve's life and work demonstrates that he was more than a desert ecologist. His early work in Maryland and Jamaica gave him a breadth of expertise matched by few of his ecological contemporaries, and his studies of desert plant demography, the physiological ecology of rain-forest plants, and vegetational gradients on southwestern mountain ranges anticipated by decades recent trends in ecology.

Tracing Shreve's development from student to scientist, Bowers evokes the rigors and delights of fieldwork in the first half of this century and shows how Shreve's sense of place informed his scientific thought—making him, in his own words, "not an exile from some better place, but a man at home in an environment to which his life can be adjusted without physical or intellectual loss."

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