Updated December 2005

The University of Arizona Press


These guidelines are to be used in conjunction with the Press's Manuscript Submission Requirements (http://www.uapress.arizona.edu/Finalmsguidelines.htm).


The style guide of the University of Arizona Press is the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition. Any deviations from the style described in this manual should be noted by the title-page editor. For specialized formats within a discipline, another guide may be followed. It is the responsibility of the title-page editor to advise contributors about conformity in these matters.


1. Manuscripts for multiauthor volumes should contain a "List of Contributors" to be printed at the end of the book. This list should consist of brief (150-word) paragraphs each giving the contributor's academic background, recent publications, current affiliation, and research interests. Because of the long lives our books enjoy, the Press does not print e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, Web site URLs, or other specific contact information that might be subject to frequent change.

2. The List of Contributors should also include a 250-word paragraph about thetitle-page editor(s), even those who are not listed as authors of any book chapters.

Contacts with Contributors and the Press

1. The title-page editor has the primary responsibility for contacts with contributors. The title-page editor should incorporate all essays/chapters into one manuscript, and all text documents in the manuscript should be in one word-processing program on one disk.

2. If the essays/chapters have been retyped by the title-page editor, contributors should see the contributions in exactly the form in which they are submitted to the Press.

3. The Press sends a complete copy of the copyedited manuscript to the title-page editor and individual copyedited chapters to each contributor. Contributors review their chapters and send them to a designated title-page editor, who is responsible for submitting a single set of the contributions to the manuscript editor that incorporates all the comments, changes, and corrections of the various contributors and the title-page editor.

4. The Press sends one copy of the typeset page proof to each title-page editor. Because of tight deadlines for proof corrections, the Press prefers that contributors not see page proof of their essays.

5. The title page editor should furnish a complete list of contact information for all contributors (i.e., professional affiliation, position, mailing address, and e-mail address), and he/she is responsible for reporting temporary or permanent changes in each contributor's information to the Press, preferably by submitting a new list of addresses whenever changes occur.