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Note to the Reader: These questions are intended to guide you, but not to restrict you; please feel free to append any comments you believe to be pertinent. Your comments will be shared with the author after obvious signs of identity have been removed. Please do not include identifying remarks in the body of your report. To ensure the highest level of objectivity possible, the University of Arizona Press maintains that the reviewer does not have close professional or personal ties to the author or authors. If you think that your relationship to the author may bias your report in some way, please contact us immediately so we can discuss whether or not it is appropriate to go forward with the review.

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1)         Please describe, in brief, the subject and major argument of the manuscript.

2)         Is the manuscript a significant contribution to the literature? Is the literature of the field overworked?

3)         Please list several of the outstanding competing books in the field. How do they compare with this manuscript?

4)         Is it likely that this manuscript will be of interest to readers in other disciplines or to the general public? To what extent?

5)         In which courses, and at which level, do you think this work will be useful?

6)         Please give us your evaluation of the following (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor) where applicable:

7)         Is the title of the manuscript appropriate? If not, what alternatives do you suggest?

8)         Which elements of the manuscript should be omitted, amplified, or added?

9)         Will the author's conclusions hold true for many years, or will they require updating in the near future—and if so, how soon?

10)       Is the author or are the contributors qualified to write authoritatively in the field of this manuscript?

11)       Would you purchase this book for your personal library?

12)       What is your overall recommendation?

____ I strongly recommend publication.
____ I recommend publication.
____ I do not recommend publication. 

13)       Does the manuscript need ___ minor or ___ major revision?

14)        May the Press use your comments in promotional material?

____ yes ____ no

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