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William G. McGinnies, an internationally recognized authority on arid lands, first became acquainted with the desert in 1918, when he moved from Colorado to Tucson to attend the University of Arizona. It was later, as a member of the faculty of the College of Agriculture, that he developed a close association with personnel at Carnegie's Desert Botanical Laboratory. Soon after the Laboratory had closed in 1940, McGinnies left Arizona, but he returned to the University in 1960 to become head of tree ring studies and arid land activities. He was founder and director of the Office of Arid Lands Studies, which he continued to serve as a consultant after his retirement.
William G. McGinnies (3 Titles)

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Arid Lands in Perspective
Edited by William G. McGinnies; Bram J. Goldman

Discovering the Desert
The Legacy of the Carnegie Desert Botanical Laboratory
By William G. McGinnies

Food, Fiber, and the Arid Lands
Edited by William G. McGinnies; Bram J. Goldman; Patricia G. Paylore

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