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Robert H. Webb recently retired as a hydrologist with the National Research Program, Water Mission Area, US Geological Survey, and is now an adjunct professor at the University of Arizona. He has led many regional research initiatives, including the Grand Canyon Project and the Southwestern Ground Water Project. He is the author or editor of several dozen books and articles, including The Changing Mile Revisited (2003) and The Ribbon of Green (2007). Webb also maintains the largest archive of repeat photography in the world, now housed at the US Geological Survey's Photo Library in Denver, Colorado.
Robert H. Webb (5 Titles)

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The Changing Mile Revisited
An Ecological Study of Vegetation Change with Time in the Lower Mile of an Arid and Semiarid Region
By Robert H. Webb; Raymond M. Turner; Janice E. Bowers; James Rodney Hastings

Floods, Droughts, and Climate Change
By Robert H. Webb; Michael Collier

Grand Canyon, A Century of Change
Rephotography of the 1889-1890 Stanton Expedition
By Robert H. Webb

Requiem for the Santa Cruz
An Environmental History of an Arizona River
By Robert H. Webb; Julio L. Betancourt; R. Roy Johnson; Raymond M. Turner; Foreword by Bernard L. Fontana

The Ribbon of Green
Change in Riparian Vegetation in the Southwestern United States
By Robert H. Webb; Raymond M. Turner; Stanley A. Leake

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