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Carlos G. Vélez-Ibáñez is Regents’ Professor and the Motorola Presidential Professor of Neighborhood Revitalization in the School of Transborder Studies and a professor of human evolution and social change at Arizona State University. His numerous honors include the 2004 Robert B. Textor and Family Prize for Excellence in Anticipatory Anthropology and the 2003 Bronislaw Malinowski Medal. Vélez-Ibáñez was elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1994 and was named as a corresponding member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences (Miembro Correspondiente de la Academia Mexicana de Ciencias) in 2015. He is author or editor of numerous books, including An Impossible Living in a Transborder World: Culture, Confianza, and Economy of Mexican-Origin Populations and The U.S.-Mexico Transborder Region: Cultural Dynamics and Historical Interactions.
Carlos G. Vélez-Ibáñez (4 Titles)

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Border Visions
Mexican Cultures of the Southwest
By Carlos G. Vélez-Ibáñez

Hegemonies of Language and Their Discontents
The Southwest North American Region Since 1540
By Carlos G. Vélez-Ibáñez

An Impossible Living in a Transborder World
Culture, Confianza, and Economy of Mexican-Origin Populations
By Carlos G. Vélez-Ibáñez

The U.S.-Mexico Transborder Region
Cultural Dynamics and Historical Interactions
Edited by Carlos G. Vélez-Ibáñez; Josiah Heyman

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