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A self-described "desert rat," David Yetman is a research social scientist at the University of Arizona and host of the television show The Desert Speaks.
David A. Yetman (5 Titles)

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Gentry's Rio Mayo Plants
The Tropical Deciduous Forest and Environs of Northwest Mexico
By Paul S. Martin; Thomas R. Van Devender; David A. Yetman; Mark E. Fishbein; Philip D. Jenkins

The Great Cacti
Ethnobotany and Biogeography
By David A. Yetman

The Ă“patas
In Search of a Sonoran People
By David A. Yetman

The Organ Pipe Cactus
By David A. Yetman

The Tropical Deciduous Forest of Alamos
Biodiversity of a Threatened Ecosystem in Mexico
By David A. Yetman; Robert H. Robichaux

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