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Author and photographer John Annerino has been documenting the natural beauty, indigenous peoples, and political upheaval of the American West and Mexican borderlands for two decades. A contract photo-journalist for the New York and Paris-based photo agencies Liaison International and Time Inc.’s TimePix, he is the author of 26 books and 23 single-artist calendars.

Annerino has worked and consulted on the U.S.–Mexico border for many news, documentary, and feature film projects including ABC Primetime, CNN, PBS, Life Magazine, Newsweek, Time, and National Geographic Adventure.
John Annerino (3 Titles)

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Adventuring in Arizona
By John Annerino

Canyons of the Southwest
A Tour of the Great Canyon Country from Colorado to Northern Mexico
By John Annerino

Dead in Their Tracks
Crossing America’s Desert Borderlands in the New Era
By John Annerino

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