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Scott Millard is the publisher of Ironwood Press, a company that for the past 16 years has focused on creating regional gardening guides concerned with water conservation. Millard is the author or co-author of five books dealing with gardening in the dry West, including Gardening in Dry Climates, How to Grow the Wildflowers, and The Low-Water Flower Gardener, and has edited more than thirty books of gardening. He lives in Tucson.
Scott Millard (4 Titles)

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Beautiful Gardens
By Eric A. Johnson; Scott Millard

How to Grow the Wildflowers
By Eric A. Johnson; Scott Millard

The Low-Water Flower Gardener
By Eric A. Johnson; Scott Millard

Lush Low-Water Plants & Landscapes
Beautiful Gardens with Less Water
By Scott Millard

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