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Jeffrey H. Altschul is President of Statistical Research, Inc. in Tucson, Arizona
Jeffrey H. Altschul (7 Titles)

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Fragile Patterns
The Archaeology of the Western Papaguería
By Adrianne G. Rankin; Jeffrey H. Altschul

House Pits and Middens
A Methodological Study of Site Structure and Formation Processes at CA-ORA-116, Newport Bay, Orange County, California
By Donn R. Grenda; Jeffrey H. Altschul; Christopher J. Doolittle

Islanders and Mainlanders
Prehistoric Context for the Southern California Coast and Channel Islands
By Donn R. Grenda; Jeffrey H. Altschul

Life in the Ballona
Archaeological Investigations at the Admiralty Site and the Channel Gateway Site
By Jeffrey H. Altschul; Jeffrey A. Homburg; Richard Ciolek-Torrello

Of Stones and Spirits
Pursuing the Past of Antelope Hill
By Jeffrey H. Altschul; Joan S. Schneider

Vanishing River
Landscapes and Lives of the Lower Verde Valley -- The Lower Verde Valley Archaeological Project
By Stephanie M. Whittlesey; Jeffrey H. Altschul; Richard Ciolek-Torrello

Whelan Lake (CA-SDI-6010)
A La Jollan Campsite on the Lower San Luis Rey River, San Diego County, California
By Donn R. Grenda; Jeffrey H. Altschul; Rein Vanderpot

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