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Richard Ciolek-Torrello is a Senior Principal Investigator with Statistical Research, Inc., and Co-Principal Investigator of the Lower Verde Archaeological Project.
Richard Ciolek-Torrello (8 Titles)

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Early Farmers of the Sonoran Desert
Archaeological Investigations at the Houghton Road Site, Tucson, Arizona
By Richard Ciolek-Torrello

From the Desert to the Mountains
Archaeology of the Transition Zone: The Star Route 87-Sycamore Creek Project
By Richard Ciolek-Torrello; Rein Vanderpot; Eric Eugene Klucas

Investigations at Sunset Mesa Ruin
Archaeology at the Confluence of the Santa Cruz and Rillito Rivers, Tucson, Arizona
By Richard Ciolek-Torrello; Edgar K. Huber; Robert B. Neily

Life in the Ballona
Archaeological Investigations at the Admiralty Site and the Channel Gateway Site
By Jeffrey H. Altschul; Jeffrey A. Homburg; Richard Ciolek-Torrello

Life on the Dunes
Fishing, Ritual, and Daily Life at Two Late Period Sites on Vizcaino Point: Archaeological Testing at CA-SNI-39 and CA-SNI-162, San Nicolas Island, Ca
By Donn R. Grenda; Richard Ciolek-Torrello; Angela Keller; Brian Fagan; David Maxwell

A Passage in Time
The Archaeology and History of the Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park, California
By Donn R. Grenda; Richard Ciolek-Torrello; Angela Keller; Anne Q. Stoll

Pit House, Presidio, and Privy
1,400 Years of Archaeology and History on Block 180, Tucson, Arizona
By Richard Ciolek-Torrello; Mark T. Swanson

Vanishing River
Landscapes and Lives of the Lower Verde Valley -- The Lower Verde Valley Archaeological Project
By Stephanie M. Whittlesey; Jeffrey H. Altschul; Richard Ciolek-Torrello

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