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Brian Fagan is the best-known writer on popular archaeology topics in the United States. Emeritus professor at University of California, Santa Barbara, he has written over two dozen archaeology books for the general public--on dating methods, climate change, Egypt, California, the American Southwest, archaeological discoveries, and numerous other topics. He is also author of a dozen leading archaeology textbooks, including 11 editions of In the Beginning. He served as general editor of the Oxford Companion to Archaeology and as a columnist for Archaeology Magazine. Fagan’s most recent books are Fish on Fridays and From Stonehenge to Samarkand: An Anthology of Archaeological Travel Writing.
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Life on the Dunes
Fishing, Ritual, and Daily Life at Two Late Period Sites on Vizcaino Point: Archaeological Testing at CA-SNI-39 and CA-SNI-162, San Nicolas Island, Ca
By Donn R. Grenda; Richard Ciolek-Torrello; Angela Keller; Brian Fagan; David Maxwell

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