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CAROLINA CASTILLO BUTLER took an activist's path. While giving her time to house, husband and raising their four children, she was a leader in a ten-year battle, helping the Yavapai Tribe at Fort McDowell save their land. The government wanted to relocate the tribe for a dam. She was a successful leader in two county-wide elections: first, working for a "Yes" vote for the construction of useful bridges over the Salt and Agua Fria Rivers; secondly, working to defeat the $3 billion Rio Salado Project and a new property tax for it. She was a water activist, testifying numerous times to reform water policy. Her activities, along with others, are included in books such as: The Yavapai of Fort McDowell; Empires in the Sun; How to Create a Water Crisis; A Life of its Own: The Politics and Power of Water; Verde Valley Lore; Indians & Eagles. Carolina is a Mexican-American born in Arizona, and very proud that her ancestors came to Arizona from Mexico in 1864. Carolina and Walker, her husband of 46 years, live in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Carolina Castillo Butler (1 Title)

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Oral History of the Yavapai
By Mike Harrison; John Williams; Edited by Sigrid Khera; Carolina Castillo Butler

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