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Daniel S. Matson's career as a linguist and translator began with a bilingual upbringing on the United States and Mexican border at Douglas, Arizona. Between 1940 and 1944 he worked among the Tohono O'odham Indians, becoming fluent in their tongue and immersing himself in their culture. He studied at the University of Arizona (B.A). and San Luis Rey College in California (M.A. in social studies). In 1950, Matson joined the Anthropology faculty at the University of Arizona. With Albert Schroeder, Matson translated and edited the 1590-91 journal of Gaspar Castaño de Sosa, published as A Colony on the Move.
Daniel S. Matson (1 Title)

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Friar Bringas Reports to the King
Methods of Indoctrination on the Frontier of New Spain, 1796–97
Edited and translated by Daniel S. Matson; Edited by Bernard L. Fontana

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