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Luis Humberto Valadez

Sample Poems

Capricorn on the Second Cusp

I hold an offer
the same as any that feigns to dictate sorrow.

I hold that whatpastmind
I do not want to increase.

You would be paid
what you are worth

but I have not gone
to heaven.

Section 13

I get son
righteous write sonnets
sinners beg the sea

I get debt there
righteous won't forget
sinners cannot confirm

I rent love
righteous send swats to Jerusalem
sinners let Him die

I can't be gettin' to ask Him the questions
with righteous confessin' sinnas gessin' for dem
what is my go to me?

Sun Semisquared Uranus

In return
for an eye
to the direction
not of travel
or return
but toward
your period
of grace
I'll take
the abrupt incline
toward the face
of belligerence
and avoid that
which produces
other ties.

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