Conservation of Shared Environments

Learning from the United States and Mexico
Laura López-Hoffman; Emily D. McGovern; Robert G. Varady; Karl W. Flessa


Foreword: Transcending Political Boundaries xi
Mark Schaefer

Foreword: The Keepers of This Land xiii
Exequiel Ezcurra

Introduction 1

Section 1 Conserving Shared Spaces 5

1 Transboundary Conservation in the Borderlands: What Drives Environmental Change? 9
Robert G. Varady and Evan R. Ward

2 Nature's Fair Share: Finding and Allocating Water for the Colorado River Delta 23
Francisco Zamora-Arroyo and Karl W. Flessa

3 Restoring a Desert Lifeline: The Big Bend Reach of the Rio Grande 39
Mark Briggs, Carlos Sifuentes, Joe Sirotnak, and Mark Lockwood

4 A Convergence of Borders: Indigenous Peoples and Environmental Conservation at the U.S.–Mexico Border 54
Rachel Rose Starks and Adrian Quijada-Mascareñas

5 The Wisdom of the Sierra Madre: Aldo Leopold, the Apaches, and the Land Ethic 71
Richard L. Knight

Section 2 Conservation of Shared Species 79

6 Connecting Wildlife Habitats across the U.S.–Mexico Border 83
Melanie Culver, Cora Varas, Patricia Moody Harveson, Bonnie McKinney, and Louis A. Harveson

7 Open Skies over a Closing Border: U.S.–Mexico Efforts to Protect Migratory Birds 100
Charles C. Chester and Emily D. McGovern

8 Mexican Wolf Recovery: Insights from Transboundary Stakeholders 115
José F. Bernal Stoopen, Jane M. Packard, and Richard Reading

Section 3 Shared Ecosystem Services 133

9 Finding Mutual Interest in Shared Ecosystem Services: New Approaches to Transboundary Conservation 137
Laura López-Hoffman, Robert G. Varady, and Patricia Balvanera

10 Just Add Water? Transboundary Colorado River Flow and Ecosystem Services in the Upper Gulf of California 154
Luis E. Calderon-Aguilera and Karl W. Flessa

11 Sustaining Transboundary Ecosystem Services Provided by Bats 170
Rodrigo A. Medellín

12 Grasslands in the Borderlands: Understanding Coupled Natural-Human Systems and Transboundary Conservation 188
Gerardo Ceballos, Rurik List, Ana D. Davidson, Ed L. Fredrickson, Rodrigo Sierra Corona, Lourdes Martínez, Jeff E. Herrick, and Jesús Pacheco

A Regional and Continental Perspective: How a Changing Climate Will Affect U.S.–Mexico Transboundary Conservation 204
Matt Skroch

Section 4 Border Security and Conservation 209

13 Cooperative Conservation, Unilateral Security: The Story of Two Sister Parks on the U.S.–Mexico Border 213
Jessica Piekielek

14 Assessing Border-Related Human Impacts at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument 226
Christopher Sharp and Randy Gimblett

15 A Fence Runs Through It: Conservation Implications of Recent U.S. Border Security Legislation 241
Brian P. Segee and Ana Córdova

Section 5 Building Institutional Bridges 257

16 The Commission for Environmental Cooperation and Transboundary Conservation across the U.S.–Mexico Border 261
Stephen P. Mumme, Donna Lybecker, Osiris Gaona, and Carlos Manterola

17 Transboundary Conservation between the United States and Mexico: New Institutions or a New Collaboration? 279
Ana Córdova and Carlos A. de la Parra

Conclusion: Guiding Principles for Successful Transboundary Conservation 293
Policy Recommendations: Energizing Transboundary Conservation-Three Easy Steps 299

Acknowledgments 303
About the Contributors 305

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