Ocean Power

Poems from the Desert
Ofelia Zepeda

Morning Air

The early morning air,
enveloped in heavy moisture.
I go outside and it lays on my shooulders.
I go about my business
carrying morning air
for the rest of the day.

Long Hair

On the other side they sing and dance in celebration.
When we get there our hair must be long so that they recognize us.
Our hair is our dress.
It is our adornment.
We make sure it is long so they recognize us.

Don't Be Like the Enemy

This is what he said, ;Don't be like the enemy, keep your hair out of your face."
Tie it back, don't be like a savage.
Let them see your face, let them know the light of your eyes.
But don't stare.
Cover your face by lowering it slightly.
Just don't use your hair, don't be like the enemy.

. . . . .

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