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"Annerino’s evocative words and haunting pictures make the issue impossible to ignore." —People Magazine

Dead in Their Tracks
Crossing America’s Desert Borderlands in the New Era
John Annerino

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Remembering with Dead in Their Tracks

Each book includes an In Memorium card recognizing an immigrant, refugee, local, or humanitarian who has died in America's borderlands. Pictured below is a sample.



The brave men, women, and children
who perished in search of the
American dream.
The desperate refugees who fled hunger,
violence, and oppression.
The border agents, locals, and humanitarians
who tried to save them.
And for many others we'll never know. . .

God bless them.

John Annerino

Crossing America's Desert Borderlands in the New Era
and "Border Cemetery" photograph © John Annerino

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