Acquisition Department Suggestions to Editors for Preparing an Edited Volume or Edited Volume Proposal for Submission

  1. Prepare a good introduction or preface (or if in the proposal stages an outline of what the introduction will include) that discusses the background for putting this particular collection together. Discuss how it came together or what the criteria was for selecting the essays. Clearly state the themes of the volume and how they will be discussed in each essay. Discuss how the essays are tied together and why they are in a particular order.
  2. Include bios of the editors and contributors.
  3. Include an annotated table of contents that gives a description of each essay.
  4. Each essay should be read by each contributor so that the authors will be sure to integrate the over-arching themes or arguments, and so that any repetition will be avoided.
  5. Give specifications to each contributor such as length in number of words (at 300 words a page, 10 double-spaced pages would be 3,000 words), deadline dates, specific number of illustrations, etc.
  6. If the contributors are planning to use illustrations, be sure to give them a copy of the Press's art guidelines and/or the electronic art guidelines to be found on our Web site.
  7. If the essay has been used in other publications, be sure the contributor has the publication rights.
  8. All contributors will have to sign a consent-to-publish form. You can get this form from the Press ahead of time if the contributor is concerned about rights.
  9. As the editor(s), give yourself enough time to be able to read the essays to make sure that they are all of good quality and to make or suggest any revisions.
  10. Weed out the weaker essays before the manuscript comes in to review. If the submission is at the proposal stage, be sure to include strong essays that will reflect what the overall quality of the manuscript will be.
  11. If you are submitting the project as a proposal, be sure to use our proposal guidelines also available on our Web site.