American Indians and National Parks: bibliography
Robert H. Keller, Jr. and Michael F. Turek.


Alvin M. Josephy Papers, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon
Box 45: Havasupai
Box 65: Nez Perce
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Headquarters, Bayfield, WI
Kathleen Lidfors Oral History File
Legislative History Files
Harold C. Jordahl Administrative History File
Tribal Resolutions
Administrative Records
Washington Perspective

Glacier National Park Library, West Glacier, MT

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Headquarters, Page, AZ

Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon Village, AZ: administrative files

Hualapai Rafting File
Supai Camp Documents
Supai Camp Looseleaf

Grand Canyon National Park Library, Grand Canyon Village, AZ: document collection

Havasupai, General: 1954-1976
Supai Village
Bead Selling: Navajo, 1976-1975
Special Use Permits: William Little and Big Jim
Special Use Permits: Havasupai Tribe
Havasupai Grazing Rights
Havasupai Indians: Proposal for Reservation, 1943
Legislative History, Grand Canyon National Park,
by Louise Hinchliffe, 1976 Indian Service: General, 1922-1954
Navajos, 1972-1976
Havasupai Indians: Park Documents

Hoh Indian Tribal Center, Hoh Reservation, WA: records

Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff, AZ: Grand Canyon papers

National Park Service Library and Photo Archive, Harpers Ferry Center, Charles Town, WV:

Photograph Collection
Biography Files

National Archives of the United States, Washington, D.C.

RG 75 Bureau of Indian Affairs
Office File of John Collier, 1933-1945
Navajo: General Services
Seminole Indians

RG 79 National Park Service
Central Files, 1907-1939 (Entry 6)
Grand Canyon
Mesa Verde

Central Classified Files, 1907-1949 (Entry 7)
Canyon de Chelly
Grand Canyon
Mesa Verde
Pipe Spring
National Parks and Conservation Association Archives, Washington, D.C.
Grand Canyon
Canyon de Chelly
Chaco Canyon
Rainbow Bridge
Mesa Verde

Native American Rights Fund Library, Boulder, Colorado

Navajo Tribal Law Library, Window Rock, AZ
Tribal Council Resolutions, 1922-1990
Tribal Code: 1969 edition; 1977 edition
Tribal Code: Cumulative Supplement, 1984-1985

Olympic National Park, Port Angeles, WA

Library: Administrative Files, 1934-1950
Natural Resources
Cultural Resources
Establishment File, 1934-1941
Preston Macy, Preliminary Report, Mt. National Monument, Oct. 5, 1934
Arthur W. Vollmer Collection
Cape Alava Report, 1937
Irving Brant, Report on the Enlargement Olympic National Park, 1938
Administrative Records
Donald Jackson Memo, Nov. 14, 1980

Pirtle, Morisset, Schlossen and Ayer, Seattle, WA

Makah Files
Ozette Files

Quileute Tribal Records and Museum, La Push, WA

Quinault Historical Foundation, Taholah, WA

Southwest Regional Library, NPS, Santa Fe, NM

Canyon de Chelly: Research History Materials 1924-1970

Pipe Springs National Monument, AZ

Files L54, Water Rights: Historic Documents, 1921-1983
Agreement File
1954 Master Plan
Leonard Heaton diaries

U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management Service Center, Denver, CO.

University of Washington Special Collections, Seattle, WA:

Preston Macy Papers, 1935-1961
Lloyd Meeds Papers, 1964-1978
Quileute Indians (Box 7)
Olympic National Park (Box 61)

University of Arizona, Special Collections, Tucson, AZ:

Stewart L Udall Papers
Bernard L. Fontana Papers
Morris K. Udall Papers:
Legislative Correspondence
Legislative Assistant
Administrative Correspondence

Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Files, Tawoac, CO.

Washington State Library, Olympia, WA.

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