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The UA Press invites book proposals from the authors of works—whether scholarly books or works of general interest—appropriate to its list of publications. (Browse one of the book catalogs to get a sense of the list of UA Press.)

The author should send a book proposal to the appropriate acquiring editor. It should include a letter of inquiry describing the subject of the book, the approach taken, the length of the manuscript, a table of contents, a sample chapter, the audience for the book, comparable books in the field, and the author's resume or vita.

Allyson Carter

Anthropology, Archaeology, Ecology, Geography, Natural History, Environmental Science, Astronomy and Space Sciences, and related regional titles.

Acquiring Editor
Kristen Buckles

Native American Literature and Studies, Latin American Studies, Border Studies, Chicano and Latino Studies and Literature, Environmental and Western History, and related regional titles.

Information for Current and Prospective Authors

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A. Things You Might Like to Know About the Press

  1. About the University of Arizona Press

B. Submitting a Proposal or Manuscript for Consideration

  1. Book Proposal Guidelines

  2. Guidelines for Submitting Your Manuscript

  3. Suggestions to Editors for Preparing an Edited Volume for Submission

  4. Author and Manuscript Inquiry Form (MS Word version here)

C. Submitting your Final Manuscript

  1. Manuscript Submission Requirements
  2. How to Order the Components of Your Book
  3. Guidelines for Editors of Multiauthor Volumes
  4. Guidelines for Submitting Illustrations
  5. Permission Log (Excel file)
  6. Author Art Inventory (Excel file)
  7. Author Questionnaire (Word file)
  8. Please email your Press contact to get an FTP account created for your project

D. Information and Guidelines on Copyright and Permission

  1. Permission Overview and Guidelines
  2. Permission FAQs
  3. Permission to Reprint Published Material (Word file)
  4. Photo and Illustration Permission Form (Word file)
  5. Interview Permission Form

E. Forms for Reviewers

  1. Manuscript Appraisal Form (MS Word version here)

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