The Marana Community in the Hohokam World

Suzanne K. Fish, Paul R. Fish, and John H. Madsen, Editors 

John J. Field 
Paul R. Fish 
Suzanne K. Fish 
John H. Madsen 
Charles H. Miksicek 
James M. Skibo Alan P. Sullivan III 
Christine R. Szuter 
Mary Van Buren 

 About the Editors

SUZANNE K. FISH is a Research Archaeologist at the Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona. She has specialized in Hohokam archaeology for more than ten years; other areas of professional emphasis include ethnobotany, settlement patterns, and Mesoamerican prehistory. Recent publications include articles and books on the advantages of full-coverage archaeological survey, subsistence issues, demography, and Hohokam cultural ecology and social organization. 

PAUL R. FISH is Curator of Archaeology at the Arizona State Museum and Research Professor in the Department of Anthropology, University of Arizona. His research focuses on the prehistory of the deserts in southern Arizona and northern Mexico. Recent publications address archaeological classification, settlement patterns, political and social organization, factors influencing regional abandonment, and cultural resource management. 

JOHN H. MADSEN is a Research Archaeologist at the Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona. Over the past twelve years he has worked closely with the Arizona State Land Department as a cultural resource management advisor. His research interests include prehistoric and historic land use in the Sonoran Desert. In recent publications he has written about prehistoric agave use, raw material procurement strategies associated with stone tool manufacturing, full-coverage archaeological survey, and Hohokam political and social organization. 

Cover: Early Classic period Hohokam settlements in the Marana survey area north of Tucson, Arizona (see Figure 3.2). 

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The Marana Community in the Hohokam world / Suzanne K. Fish, Paul R. Fish, and John H. Madsen, editors : contributors, John J. Field ... [et al.]. 
 p. cm. - (Anthropological papers of the University of Arizona; no. 56) 
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1. Hohokam culture-Social conditions. 2. Hohokam culture-Irrigation. 3. Hohokam culture-Agriculture. 4. Social archaeology-Santa Cruz River Basin (Ariz. and Mexico). 5. Santa Cruz River Basin (Ariz. and Mexico)-Antiquities. 6. Arizona-Antiquities. I. Fish, Suzanne, K. II. Fish, Paul R. III. Madsen, John H. (John Henry), 1947- . IV. Field, John J. 1961-  V. Series. 
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John J. Field , Department of Geosciences, University of Arizona, Tucson 
Charles H. Miksicek, BioSystems Analysis, Inc., Santa Cruz, California 
James M. Skibo, Department of Anthropology, University of Arizona, Tucson 
Alan P. Sullivan, Department of Anthropology, University of Cincinnati, Ohio 
Christine R. Szuter, University of Arizona Press, Tucson 
Mary Van Buren, Colorado State University, Fort Collins 


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