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Hohokam Indians of the
Tucson Basin

By Linda M. Gregonis & Karl J. Reinhard


We would like to thank the many people who have been involved in the Tucson Basin Hohokam Interpretive Project. First, we are grateful to the students and other volunteers, especially Clare Vynalek, who participated in the excavation of the Hardy Site, and to Gene Laos, Gale Bundrick, and the Pima County Parks and Recreation Commission for allowing us to excavate and encouraging us to interpret the site. We appreciate the help of those who participated in the planning and development of exhibits at the park: Ernie Leavitt, Art Brownlee, Rocky Brittain, Todd Ruttenbeck, George Chambers, Michael Lord, Dave Faust, Jeanne Jones, Debra Meier and members of the Young Adult Conservation Corps. We would also like to thank Debra and Jeanne, as well as Chris Smith, for their illustrations in this booklet. Special thanks are due to Helga Teiwes for her photographic work and to Sue Ruiz for typing drafts of the manuscript. We appreciate the insightful comments given by those who read the initial drafts of this work. We thank Professor Emil Haury, whose work in the Hohokam area enabled us to write many portions of this booklet. We would especially like to thank Gwinn Vivian and Donald Sayner, without whom this project could never have been started or finished. Gwinn Vivian, as project director, aided in the development of all aspects of the project and encouraged us in its completion. Donald Sayner's illustrating expertise was constantly used by us, and we appreciate his enthusiasm and patience throughout. Last, we would like to acknowledge with thanks the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities for this project and, in particular, cite the help of Ms. Suzanne Schell during all phases of the work. Appreciation is also due the University of Arizona Press for bringing about publication.


Copyright © 1979. The Arizona Board of Regents.

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